Monday, January 24, 2011

Jury Duty

Well a few weeks ago I had received a summons for jury duty.  My juror number was 20 so I figured that I would probably be called in.  I called just like the summons stated after 5pm on 1/21 to see if I had to report on 1/24.  Of course they wanted numbers 1-.64.

I reported this morning at 9am to the county courthouse.  There I had to watch a video (it was beyond lame) and fill out a questionnaire.  The video started off with some really bad actors acting out judicial processes from the middle ages (trial by ordeal).  It went on to tell us how rewarding it was to be a part of your government when serving as a juror.  Sounds exciting right?  Yeah, not so much.

We were then called upstairs where we entered a courtroom completely with all the players.  The court clerk then drew 14 random numbers out of a box.  Thankfully 20 was not one of those numbers.  They went through and questioned some of the potential jurors that were part of the selected 14.  As I learned having to sit through this whole thing, the case was a civil suit.  The man in question was facing harassment charges and charges for violating an order of protection.  The defense lawyer stated this could have be stemming from a custody trial that was in progress.  So I guess regardless I would have been tossed out even if I was selected.  I don't think they would have wanted me since I'm in the middle of my own custody ordeal.  Thankfully I was not selected.

Now I'm just finishing off the rest of the day with my daughter.  She thinks cookie monster's eyeball tastes good apparently.  She is such a little ham.  I think she is really starting to teethe badly.  Any suggestions?

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