Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 month pictures and new support order

Well today I took Olivia to get her 6 month pictures done.  They came out soooooo cute!  I know I sound like a total cheapo but I did them in her Thanksgiving and Christmas dress.  I wasn't about to spend a nice chunk of change on Christmas photos when her 6 month ones needed to be done in January.  Unfortunately I was stuck in Walmart for 2 hours while getting them done because the stupid computer kept freezing up.  Oh the joys of technology.

I never complain when waiting though.  I guess that comes from working in the customer service sector.  The wonders of the hospitality industry would cure anyone's bad attitude.

Just got my new child support order in the mail.  Needless to say I'm overall pleased.  Anything beats the $25/week that was previously ordered.

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